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Data, Technology & Innovation

Researching, evaluating and deploying technologies to transform healthesearching, evaluating and deploying technologies to transform health

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  • 11K+ new cancer cases identified
  • 3K patients referred for telehealth care
  • 10x more pollution episodes identified

Our Work

From cell phone apps that instantaneously relay data worldwide, to a video chat with a doctor that allows a rural patient with diabetes to manage her condition faster and more economically, new technologies hold the potential to transform health.

At the nexus of data, innovation and technology, PHI brings unlikely partners together to spark new solutions.

PHI’s surveillance and data projects collect, monitor and manage data efficiently and effectively—revealing patterns, uncovering root causes and steering research toward evidence-based interventions.

We connect communities online, amplify best practices using innovative communications platforms, deploy new technologies in diverse health care settings, and evaluate which technologies are effective at improving health outcomes, changing behaviors and lowering costs.

PHI Priority

Building Health Equity

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), developed by PHI’s Public Health Alliance of Southern California and health departments across the state, provides census-tract level snapshots of the social determinants of health alongside measures to advance equity at a local level. Accessible census-tract level data can be used to more successfully target health interventions in underserved communities. Key metrics help communities, policy makers and funders target limited resources and guide effective on-the-ground actions.

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13 funders join PHI in COVID equity initiative, Together Toward Health

Together Toward Health will connect with community based organizations to expand workforce development opportunities for Californians most impacted by COVID-19, and create and amplify public outreach efforts to reduce its spread.

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