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Advancing global health starts with building the capacity of communities and countries to address the public health problems they face. That’s why PHI focuses on training, supporting and advising providers, policymakers and advocates from different settings in all regions of the world. We offer technical expertise to advance comprehensive solutions to a broad range of global health challenges, with a particular focus on addressing the health needs of marginalized communities. We convene multi-sector partners, advocate for policies that support health, sustainable development and reproductive rights, build the capacity of local health systems, organizations and advocates, and research reproductive health prevention strategies, factors driving the spread of HIV/AIDS, global patterns of tobacco use and more.

PHI Priority

Building Health Equity

Historically, transgender women in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí were not legally documented as women, and therefore were unable to enroll in higher education or vote. In May of 2019, Rise Up Leader Andrés Costilla Castro of Amigos Potosinos, a fundee of PHI’s Rise Up, successfully advocated for changes in the Civil Registry Law that now allow trans people to include their preferred gender identity and change their name in official government documents across the state--eliminating one of the main obstacles identified by trans people to accessing health, education, and economic opportunities. Other Rise Up grantees in San Luis Potosí helped pass a bill that requires equal representation of women and men in state executive branch positions, and implemented a progressive, state-wide elementary school curriculum addressing gender-based discrimination and violence.

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