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PHI provides expert advice, partnership opportunities, technical assistance, consultation and collaboration to public, private and non-governmental stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels around the globe. We help foundations and the government implement funding priorities efficiently and effectively. PHI’s expertise spans the programmatic life cycle—from program design and grant development, to implementation and evaluation.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides specialized expertise, all based on best practices and proven interventions. We bring a broad network, nimble infrastructure and a roster of proven interventions. This allows us to launch new projects quickly and bring effective work to scale.

Identify and successfully implement strategies tailored to optimize the health and meet the needs of your community. PHI can work with you as a partner, subcontractor, sponsor, program implementer, evaluator, technical assistance provider, or consultant.
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Funders often don’t have time to waste when deploying new funds—particularly when addressing urgent public health issues or emerging threats. Deep experience in back-office program administration, a low indirect cost rate and an operations team ready to immediately hire staff in 220 countries allow PHI to manage multi-million dollar grants, monitor budgets, process invoices and staff programs. PHI has decades of experience understanding and meeting legal, financial, hiring and other compliance obligations. (See more about the operational services we offer.)

Hire expert staff

Recruit, hire and place experts around the globe

PHI is a strategic U.S. government staffing provider and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers, including prime and set-aside contractors. PHI provides staffing services to existing programs looking for a new home, and as a prime or subcontractor on grant applications and awards. PHI provides a range of workforce solutions to the U.S. government, especially USAID and its Global Health Bureau, as well as state, local, and non-governmental entities.

PHI will help you find top professionals to support your work. Recruiting and placing the right technical experts builds the capacity of communities and countries to address emerging and long-term public health issues. Currently active in more than 26 countries, PHI has trained, supported and advised thousands of providers, policymakers and advocates from different sectors in all regions of the world. PHI delivers the best of both worlds to the U.S. government, state and local health departments and global health community as well as to foundations and other private funders looking to quickly move funding into action. The technical placement expertise, resources, and reach of PHI, combined with an established network into the global health community and a comprehensive understanding of federal business processes, makes PHI a premier provider of public health technical experts and early career professionals.

Build initiatives

Develop, implement and evaluate community programs

PHI’s experience ranges from small rural counties to large urban settings, on strategies including public procurement standards, reduction of sugary beverage consumption, multi-unit housing and other tobacco initiatives, and community design that promotes physical activity.

Forge partnerships

Forge partnerships with government, non-profit and for-profit groups

PHI’s team has facilitated large national collaborative groups of over 150 members as well as smaller, action-oriented teams. PHI can help you bring the right stakeholders to the table: from business to banks, hospitals to government.

Manage Data

Implement evaluation and data collection systems

PHI maintains specialized expertise in impact and outcome evaluation, comprehensive public health surveillance, evaluation pilot projects and program efficacy, ranging from formative research, large-scale formal outcome evaluation studies to small-scale program evaluation. We develop processes for ensuring consistent data across a wide variety of programs and contractors.

Grow Globally

Manage global operations

Our team provides global compliance and management for OCONUS program infrastructure, including guidance and advice for how to hire or engage foreign partners, consultants, workers or employees—as well as oversight of foreign payments, bank accounts, registration, subsidiaries, and liaison offices.

Activate Communities

Shape policy and activate community power

PHI has a proven track record working across the globe to spearhead policy and advocacy efforts that inspire decision makers to move research and evidence into practice, and to galvanize individuals to take action on the issues they are passionate about. PHI’s experience includes working in both the U.S. and internationally, with national, state and local policy formulation and implementation, to business and organizational policies that support health. PHI serves as a partner, a strategist and a connector with other NGOs, foundations, national networks and policy makers.

We consult with elected officials and policymakers at all levels to shape and advance evidence-based policy solutions; convene with cross-sector partners to forge programs that bolster community health and equity; and mobilize local community members to find solutions that work where they live.

Our partners include:

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