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Much of PHI’s work is done in collaboration with other organizations. All of the publications and resources available here were produced through PHI programs.

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Guidebook for Developing a Community Air Monitoring Network (2018)

Download the guidebook Air pollution is a major threat to human health worldwide, and communit...

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The California Healthy Places Index (2018)

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI), a resource developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California, is a powerful new tool t...

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California Agricultural Pesticide Mapping Tool (2017)

Where are agricultural pesticides applied within California? How many are used near a specific location? Has pesticide usage increased or decr...

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Environmental Health Tracking Improves Pesticide Use Data to Enable Research and Inform Public Health Actions in California (2017)

California is the largest agricultural producer in the United States, and, as such, high volumes of pesticides are used throughout the state. Pesti...

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The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: A Model for Community-based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action (2017)

Communities and regulatory agencies are discovering the utility of small, low-cost environmental sensors that are able to provide real-time informa...

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California Water Boundary Tool (WBT) (2016)

The Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool, also known as the Water Boundary Tool (WBT) was developed by PHI's California Environmental H...

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Electronic Health Records as a Resource for Public Health Surveillance (2016)

Case Study of Glycohemoglobin Testing & Diabetes Surveillance Electronic health records (EHR) are the digital version of a patient's pa...

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Pesticide Use Near California Schoolchildren (2014)

California agriculture produces nearly half of all fruits and vegetables grown in the Unites States. These foods are essential components of a heal...

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Public Health Data Solutions Overview (2012)

Data is the foundation of sound decision making, especially when tackling complex health issues. Organizations have literally hundreds of thousands...

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