Developing the Next Generation of Leaders in Alcohol Research


3 participants in the ARG training program

PHI’s Alcohol Research Group's training program mentors and trains young scholars engaged in alcohol- and drug-related research. Since 1977, they have trained more than 270 fellows who have gone on to work in public health in the US and around the globe.

270+ Fellows mentored and supported through ARG training

PHI’s Alcohol Research Group’s (ARG) training program, which began in 1977, provides support and training to both pre- and postdoctoral fellows engaged in alcohol- and drug-related research.

ARG has mentored and supported over 270 scholars in their journey to become researchers, scientists, professors, authors, and public health practitioners. ARG fellows have gone on to work on issues facing public health in the US and around the globe, including at the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, University of California, University of Texas, RTI International and others. After completing a fellowship, many also choose to remain at ARG as early-career scientists where they grow their careers through mentorship, collaboration, and skill development. 

Click through the slides below to read about three fellows who are currently pursuing their research at ARG:

Through their work with survivors of sexual assault, Cat Munroe identified gaps in how these survivors are perceived by those working in the medical and criminal justice systems. From this early beginning to their work supported through ARG's training program, as a postdoctoral fellow Cat is now investigating care that sexual minority women receive following an incident of incapacitated rape and identifying existing disparities.
Christina Tam
Christina Tam completed her postdoctoral fellowship at ARG, and is now an ARG associate scientist leading the first longitudinal study to identify factors associated with tobacco and alcohol use among Asian Americans.
Priscilla Martinez
Priscilla Martinez completed her postdoctoral fellowship at ARG and is now a Scientist at ARG. She has received a prestigious K-award, successfully conducted the first US campaign on alcohol and breast cancer risk, and is currently directing the National Alcohol Survey and COVID supplement project.

ARG is a federally-funded National Alcohol Research Center housing experts from diverse fields, including public health, epidemiology, psychology, and economics. Fellowships at ARG provide research training in the study of alcohol and drug use and problems, and are oriented toward the pursuit of basic and applied socio-behavioral and epidemiological research.  Training focuses specifically on study of the prevalence, distribution, etiology, and treatment of alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and alcohol-related problems, with some focus also devoted to drug use and drug-related problems.  

Learn more about their training program on the ARG website.

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