Promoting Accessible Health Care for People with Disabilities


Picture of disability signage in a hospital. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

The Pacific ADA Center works to promote the accessibility of health care facilities and services—and the inclusion of people with disabilities in their health care process—through hosting monthly national webinars and creating resources on health care and the ADA.

40K+ people have benefited from Pacific ADA's resources on health care accessibility

Adults with disabilities are almost twice as likely as other adults to report unmet health care needs due to problems with the accessibility of a doctor’s office or clinic, and research shows that one of the most prominent challenges for individuals with disabilities in accessing care is overcoming the barriers to enter and navigate health care facilities. Many facilities are not architecturally fully accessible, and lack necessary, access equipment like weight scales and examination tables that are fully accessible for individuals with disabilities.

The Pacific ADA Center is a leader in promoting the accessibility of health care facilities and services, and the inclusion of people with disabilities in their health care process.

To do this, the Center hosts monthly national webinars including training sessions on health care accessibility at our annual ADA Update Conference, creates and shares factsheets on health care and the ADA, and provides a resource webpage devoted to health care accessibility resources. In total, at least 40,000 people—both health care professionals and people with disabilities that are served in health in federal region 9—have benefited from Pacific ADA Center’s resources and training on accessibility in health care.

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