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Demographic and Psychological Predictors of Parent-Adolescent Communication About Sex

2010 | Download

Sexual communication is a principal means of transmitting sexual values, beliefs, expectations and knowledge between parents and children. This article from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence finds that more than two-thirds of California parents report experiencing some type of sexual communication difficulty, such as developmental concerns and embarrassment, and argues that parents of both genders, all ages and all socio-demographic characteristics might benefit from education and support.

Adolescence is a developmental period marked by sexual discovery and often by sexual risk. A principal means for transmitting sexual values, beliefs, expectation, and knowledge between parents and their adolescents is sexual communication. This communication is most likely to promote healthy sexual development and reduce sexual risk when parents are open, skilled, and comfortable in their discussion of sex-related topics. The present study examined the content and extent of sexual communication between parents and their adolescents, and the in?uence of selected primary demographic (age and gender), socio-demographic (Hispanic ethnicity, education, and religious attendance in a typical month), and psychological (comfort, knowledge, and dif?culties) factors on number of topics parents discussed with their adolescents.

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