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Mental Health in Adolescence: A Critical Time for Prevention and Early Intervention

2008 | Download

The health and well-being of California adolescents has a major impact on the overall social and economic health of our state. Today’s adolescents are tomorrow’s workforce, parents, and leaders, and their future is shaped by the opportunities we create for them.

Providing adequate and appropriate mental health services will help ensure that all of California’s adolescents have the support they need for healthy development and a smooth transition to adulthood.

This paper responds to national and state initiatives that have highlighted the importance of prevention and early intervention for mental illness in adolescents.

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Written by PHI's California Adolescent Health Collaborative, this paper discusses:

  • The prevalence of mental illness among adolescents
  • Current mental health treatment options for youth in California
  • Potential avenues to improve mental health services for youth through specific initiatives