Telehealth & Medicaid: A Summer 2022 Policy Webinar Series & Summary

In the summer of 2022, PHI’s Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) held its fourth Medicaid and State Telehealth Policy Webinar series. While previous series have usually focused on Medicaid policy, the Summer Series took a different track by examining other telehealth policy issues that are in the jurisdiction or have a significant impact on state policy.

2022 Summer Series Webinar Topics

  • Telehealth in School-Based Programs
  • Telehealth and Licensure
  • Private Payer Telehealth Laws
  • Telehealth and Substance Use Disorders

Panelists included a wide-range of experts and policymakers including representatives from state Medicaid programs, federal, state, and local agencies, health plans, legislative representatives and patient advocates. Each speaker brought their unique perspective, knowledge and experience providing attendees a well-rounded discussion and background on each topics.

Watch the webinar recordings and see highlights (below), or download CCHP’s summary report of the entire series. 

Download the report

Medicaid & State Telehealth Policy: School-Based Telehealth

This webinar is a part of CCHP’s Medicaid and State Telehealth Policy webinar series and will focus on the use of telehealth to deliver services in a school-based program. Learn how Medicaid and Education departments work together to ensure children receive the services they need. See additional resources from the webinar.

Medicaid & State Telehealth Policy: State Licensure

Licensure has often been cited as a barrier to the use of telehealth. With the possibility of COVID waivers expiring, the exemptions given to licensing requirements are beginning to disappear. This webinar will focus in on what the post-PHE landscape will look like and what are some of the methods that are being utilized to address the licensure issue. See additional resources from the webinar.

Medicaid & State Telehealth Policy: Telehealth Private Payer Laws

The majority of states have passed laws impacting private health plans’ coverage of telehealth-delivered services. This webinar will focus on the path of these laws by looking at how one came into being with legislation, how a health plan implements and reaction to such a policy and does the entity that would enforce such a law have to say. See additional resources from the webinar.

Medicaid & State Telehealth Policy – Medicaid Telehealth Policy & Substance Use Disorder

In addition to COVID-19, the United States faced another public health crisis, the opioid epidemic. During COVID-19, some substance use disorder (SUD) patients found themselves cut off from care. Telehealth was used to help alleviate some of these access issues. In this webinar, we’ll hear about various approaches to the use of telehealth to treat SUD from federal, state and local perspectives. See additional resources from the webinar. 

Originally published by Center for Connected Health Policy

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