Healthy Neighborhood Investments: A Policy Scan & Strategy Map

Released by PHI’s Build Healthy Places Network in partnership with Shift Health Accelerator, the Policy Scan is a tool to help communities reduce inequities and strengthen neighborhood revitalization.

  • Cochran, B. Kim, Y., Lewis-Walden, J., Badruzzaman, R., Travis, Z. D., & Flynn, C.
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PHI’s Build Healthy Places Network, created in partnership with Shift Health Accelerator and support provided by the Blue Shield of California Foundation, released the Healthy Neighborhood Investments: A Policy Scan & Strategy Map. 

The Healthy Neighborhood Investments: A Policy Scan & Strategy Map identifies policy actions for advancing health and racial equity through cross-sector investments. It also serves as a tool for community-owned priority setting that reduces inequities and strengthens neighborhood revitalization, with a geographic emphasis on California.

View and Download the Policy Scan Here

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and massive social unrest, fueled by over 400 years of harmful racial oppression and historical trauma particularly against Black and brown people, it is imperative to advance anti-racism in American laws, policies, and regulations to create community-level conditions that support health and opportunity for everyone. Multiple, sustained, and well-coordinated cross-sector efforts are needed to change the policy ecosystem and advance solutions toward racial equity, health equity, and improvement in the social determinants of health.

Revitalizing and repairing healthy neighborhoods through coordinated policy change can address systemic barriers, structural racism, and other root causes of poor health outcomes for low-income communities. We know this is possible because deliberate policy decisions and actions have contributed to the widest gaps in wellbeing and wealth between poor people of color and wealthy white people. Healthy Neighborhood Investments: A Policy Scan & Strategy Map recognizes that partnerships of communities, health systems, community development organizations, and local government are trying to clear the same historical and current policy hurdles in pursuit of aligned goals. These multi-sector partnerships, with careful intention to advance health and racial equity, can bring about policy change and impact the social determinants of health.

Goals of the Policy Scan:

  • Healthy Neighborhood Investments CoverFrame pathways and opportunities for community leaders to advocate for policy change by public health, healthcare, policymakers, and community development organizations;
  • Identify policy barriers and ways to overcome them for joint investments in healthy neighborhoods that advance racial and health equity;
  • Identify policies that create a more conducive environment for collaboration across sectors; and
  • Incentivize the health sector to consider community development organizations as important partners in shaping policy and investments in healthy neighborhoods to advance racial and health equity


Originally published by Build Healthy Places Network

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