Webinar Recording: Telehealth and the 5G Revolution

Mei Wa Kwong, executive director of PHI's Center for Connected Health Policy discusses telehealth during COVID-19 and the telemedicine practices that may come with 5G technology.

In this recording of an Axios webinar on “The 5G Revolution,” Mei Wa Kwong, executive director of PHI’s Center for Connected Health Policy discusses telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic and coming gains from 5G technology.

In this talk, Kwong noted that, even with 5G technology, patients will still need in-person medicine, noting that telehealth is another tool in the toolbox for health care providers. She also describes how COVID-19 has created massive shifts in the use of telemedicine.

"One clinic was previously seeing about 100 patients a week through telehealth, but within a week of launching their new platform following COVID-19 restrictions that number jumped to 1,000 a week. "
- Mei Wa Kwong, Center for Connected Health Policy

See the full webinar recording, below (Mei Wa Kwong is the second speaker, beginning at 15:00 minutes).

Originally published by Axios

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