IA2030 Scorecard: Increasing Global Vaccine Access

  • Alba Maria Ropero, Dr. Folake Olayinka

Equitable global vaccine access is critical to ensuring health and well-being for communities around the world. But in 2021, immunization coverage dropped to the lowest level in decades. Worldwide, 18.2 million children received no vaccines at all.

In “What Is Happening with Global Vaccine Access?,” an article published in VaccineWorld, Alba Maria Ropero and PHI’s Dr. Folake Olayinka discuss global immunizations and the Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) scorecard, a publicly available interactive tool that displays data to enable immunization managers and advocates at all levels to monitor the status of immunization systems. Dr. Folake Olayinka is the USAID Immunization Technical Lead, STAR Fellowship at the Public Health Institute.

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The IA2030 strategy—to extend the benefits of vaccines to everyone, everywhere—is underpinned by four core principles: it puts people in the center, is led by countries, implemented through broad partnerships, and driven by data.

IA2030 was co-created with stakeholders and first implemented during the pandemic. The scorecard offers easy-to-understand insights into global immunization efforts, from the country to global level—allowing communities to better monitor progress, understand and track the pandemic’s impact on immunization systems, create and download visualizations to communicate about immunization indicators, and compare performance between countries and against regional measures.

“It is our hope that immunisation stakeholders will find the clear, easy-to-reference data on immunisation system performance at all levels valuable and that the tool will spur greater awareness of programmatic strengths and weaknesses. The scorecard is intended to encourage collaboration and rapid resource mobilisation with the aim of expanding vaccination to all, irrespective of where they live, enabling people across the world to fully benefit from vaccines for good health and well-being.”

—Alba Maria Ropero and PHI’s Dr. Folake Olayinka

VaccinesWork is a digital platform hosted by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance covering news, features and explainers from every corner of global health and immunization.

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