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Getting Attention for Prevention: Guidelines for Effective Communication about Preventing Sexual Violence

2018 | Read the full brief.

It can be difficult to convey that sexual violence is preventable and to illustrate what prevention can look like. The way we communicate about sexual violence can make a big difference in how our intended audience understands the problem and what to do about it.

With an issue so big and seemingly intractable, it can be tempting to focus solely on driving home the scope of the problem. We need to talk about what to do about it—not just after the fact, but also what needs to happen to prevent abuse and assault in the first place.

We know from opinion research that people are hungry to learn more about what prevention looks like in concrete, measurable terms. How will you illustrate that preventing sexual violence is possible and that there are tangible steps your audience can take to get there?

Read the new framing brief, developed by PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, which explores the nuances of framing sexual violence and provides building blocks for constructing messages about prevention.

Read the full brief.


Pamela Mejia; Allison Rodriguez

Produced through PHI's:

Berkeley Media Studies Group