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The podcast where CA4Health talks to people working to overcome systemic inequities to achieve just outcomes

People.Power.Perspectives podcast logoPeople.Power.Perspectives. is a podcast series created by PHI’s CA4Health featuring in-depth discussions with leaders who are advancing health, justice and racial equity—helping to build agency, inclusiveness and power to drive change and create more just and equitable outcomes. Find out more about the podcast and explore additional materials, resources and more.

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Episode 5: Equity and Land Conservation with Shelana deSilva

In this episode, CA4Health speaks with Shelana deSilva on Equity and Conservation. Shelana deSilva is the Policy and Advocacy Strategist at SdS Consulting in Oakland, California. "But when it comes to the work of conservation and land protection, there's a way that that settler colonial framework has been very much in the back seat. And we're only today really looking at that, and understanding the role that this framework of protecting land actually had as an impact on indigenous communities and other communities of color," says Shelana deSilva.

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Episode 4: The Importance of Promoting Prevention Forward Investments with Lauren Pennachio

In this episode, CA4Health speaks with Lauren Pennachio on the Importance of Promoting Prevention Forward Investments. Lauren Pennachio is the Director of Revenue Strategy and Partnership at Health Leads in Boston, Massachusetts. “[To] the folks that are wanting to advance equity and justice in their communities, acknowledge your positional privilege and power within the ecosystem and do an honest investment about what are you capable of doing around your goals to advance equity and justice,” says Lauren Pennachio.

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Episode 3: Building a Culture of Solidarity in Public Health with Mojgan Sami

In this episode, CA4Health discusses how to build a culture of solidarity in public health, with guest speaker Dr. Mojgan "Mo" Sami, PhD, MA, an Assistant Professor of Health Equity and Public Health Researcher at CSU Fullerton in Fullerton, California. “Public health, health, wellbeing is not just about individual bodies, although interestingly, we all embody it, disease impacts us individually, but healing happens collectively," says Dr. Sami.

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Episode 2: Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice with Shantay R. Davies-Balch

Shantay is President and CEO of BLACK Wellness & Prosperity Center, the first CBO in the County of Fresno established to address the Black Maternal Child Health Crisis. She also serves as the Director for the COVID-19 Equity Project, African American Coalition, housed at one of the nation’s largest Community Action Agencies, Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission.

Her career has been dedicated to improving health outcomes for all women and babies and is a certified lactation educator, doula, and certified newborn care specialist, with an expertise in premature birth, infant and maternal mortality, and breastfeeding. Shantay is a Community researcher and a member of the Black Maternal Infant Health Statewide Advisory Board, to develop the first comprehensive statewide report on the status of Black women and babies in California in 30 years. In 2019, Shantay was recognized for her leadership in Black Maternal Health by then-U.S. Senator, Kamala Harris.

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Episode 1: Participatory Budgeting with Kristania De Leon

In this episode, Kristania De Leon speaks on participatory budgeting, a democratic process in which community members decide how to spend part of a public budget. Kristania currently works as the Co-Executive Director of the Participatory Budgeting Project to increase the adoption, visibility, and impact of Participatory Budgeting across North America. "Participatory budgeting at its core is really about community led decision making," says Kristiana. "It's allowing community members to make real decisions that results in real financial investments in their communities directly. And so, we've seen this emerge as a tool that people will use across various movement building spaces."

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About the Podcast

CA4Health understands that social movements should be inclusive, authentic and brave, and that no single person or entity can do it alone. People.Power.Perspectives. lifts up the work and insights from partners who are working on upstream issues impacting communities, and explores how different inequities intersect, the connections to health and the value of expanding community- and equity-centered approaches across multiple sectors.

Learn more about People.Power.Perspectives and CA4Health.

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