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Grantee Profile: The ASCP Foundation: Identifying Medication-Related Problems in Older Adults with Monitor-Rx

2010 | Download

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Foundation was one of five grantees that received a Medication Optimization Diffusion Grants Program award from PHI's Center for Technology and Aging in January 2010. The $93 thousand grant has enabled the ASCP Foundation to accelerate diffusion of Monitor-Rx, a clinical tool that helps pharmacists and others to better identify medication-related problems in older adults.

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Identifying whether an older person’s medications are causing or exacerbating cognitive decline, frequent falling, and other problems can be a real challenge. Older adults experience a greater number of medication side effects and many older adults take multiple prescription and nonprescription medications—nearly 40% take five or more medications per week and 12% take ten or more.

Monitor-Rx, a unique web-based clinical tool, helps clinicians examine an individual’s medication regimen and identify medications that may cause, aggravate, or contribute to common geriatric conditions. Such a tool is especially valuable when a person’s medication regimen is large and complex. The ASCP Foundation’s project is utilizing Monitor-Rx to optimize the medication regimens of older adults in three California sites that provide comprehensive pharmacist services.

Read the profile to learn more about the ASCP Foundation's work to identify medication-related problems in older adults with Monitor-Rx.