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Human Subjects Protection and Cancer Surveillance Research: Revised Regulations, Expanded Opportunities

2017 | Cancer Research

On January 19, 2017, the United States federal government issued revisions to the Common Rule under which scientists who receive federal funding conduct research involving human subjects. The revised Common Rule expressly addresses public health surveillance in relation to scientific research and the protection of human subjects, and its impacts are anticipated to contribute to the efficiency of activities, including cancer registration and surveillance, and research that uses cancer registry data.

Cancer registration and surveillance is an evidence-based response to the demands of the citizenry that cancers be counted. It enables scientific findings that range from genetic markers to identification of behavioral and environmental factors that influence who gets cancer and why. These findings are made possible through research studies conducted to respect and protect research participants and especially cancer patients about whom identifiable data are access and used.

Read the full article published in the journal of American Association for Cancer Research from the Cancer Registry of Greater California at the Public Health Institute, the Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, Stanford Cancer Institute, and the Los Angeles Cancer Q3 Surveillance Program at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

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Article authors: Robert H. McLaughlin, Scarlett Lin Gomez, Dennis Deapen, Marta Induni

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