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Local Health Department Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities

2010 | Download


The Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), a collaboration of the eleven public health departments in the San Francisco Bay Area, was formed to transform public health practice to achieve health equity and to build healthier communities. BARHII focuses on the underlying social conditions that contribute to health inequities and on the institutional policies and practices that shape those conditions.

Download the BARHII toolkit, complete with tools and guidelines that help identify skills, organizational practices and infrastructure needed to address health equity and facilitate local health departments taking steps to address the social determinants of health.

The toolkit serves as the baseline measure of capacity, skills and areas for improvement to support health equity-focused activities; inventories the presence of a set of organizational and individual traits that support health equity-focused work; provides information to guide strategic planning processes; and serves as an ongoing tool to assess progress towards identified goals developed though the assessment process.

Download the toolkit.

This Toolkit contains information, tools and resources designed to: 

  • Help local health department decision-makers assess whether their organizations are ready to conduct the Organizational Self-Assessment for Addressing Health Inequities and whether it will be useful to them.
  • Enable executive staff to prepare their organizations for the Self-Assessment.
  • Guide the implementation team at local health departments through the necessary steps for completeing the Self-Assessment. 
  • Provide analysts and consultants with the tools to analyze the Self-Assessment findings.
  • Offer ways for leadership and staff to engage together with the results of the Self-Assessment in an action-oriented way.