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The Public Health Alliance of Southern California (Alliance) is a coalition of local health departments in Southern California. Collectively our members have statutory responsibility for the health of nearly 50% of California’s population. Our vision is “Vibrant and activated communities achieving health, justice and opportunities for all.”


Our Impact

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  • ~50% of CA's population represented by Alliance members
  • 100 use cases of Healthy Places Index
  • $450M+ in state grant funding using Healthy Places Index for selection


Active Projects

California Healthy Places Index

The California Healthy Places Index (HPI) is a powerful tool developed by the Public Health Alliance of Southern California (Alliance) in partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health, that can be used to explore and change those community conditions that predict life expectancy. The purpose of the HPI is to prioritize investments, resources and programs. It contains user-friendly mapping and data at the census tract level across California.

Advancing Health Equity

Everyone should have the opportunity and resources to live a healthy life. The Alliance positively contributes to a fair, just, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

Championing Prevention Funding

Everyone should live in a place with adequate public health infrastructure to protect and promote community health and well-being. The Alliance advocates for sustainable local public health funding and innovative financing opportunities for community health investments. We conduct capacity building activities that build knowledge, skills, and expertise of executive leadership and key staff at local health departments, and also actively participate in emergent, time-sensitive opportunities related to health care reform to provide a regional public health voice and ensure prevention and the social determinants of health are addressed.

Elevate the Climate and Health Nexus

Everyone should be protected from the health impacts of climate change. The Alliance works to address the public health and equity nexus with climate change adaptation, mitigation, and recovery efforts.

Promoting Powerful, Healthy Communities

Everyone should live in a place that offers them the opportunity and ability to lead their healthiest lives. The Alliance advances equitable policies such as economic wellbeing, nutritious food, active transportation, clean water, and affordable housing.

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13 funders join PHI in COVID equity initiative, Together Toward Health

Together Toward Health will connect with community based organizations to expand workforce development opportunities for Californians most impacted by COVID-19, and create and amplify public outreach efforts to reduce its spread.

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