PHI and its programs are working rapidly to respond to COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, on local, national and global levels. We are creating and share emerging science, best-practices and policy shifts, to support our communities, healthcare and public health systems as they respond to and manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19Because of the speed with which new information, policies and recommendations related to COVID-19 are being updated, we are linking directly to many of our program source materials, and including time stamps so you know how recently information has been updated.

Kaiser Permanente has committed $63 million in grant funding to the Public Health Institute (PHI) to strengthen and support California’s contact tracing efforts in cli/nical settings. PHI’s Tracing Health program, which has successfully deployed contact tracing teams in Oregon and Washington, will pivot to California, where they will embed teams into clinics based in high-need and targeted communities.  Find out more about this initiative.

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  • The Expansion of Telemental Health in the Time of COVID-19 (9/22/2020): The COVID-19 crisis and social distancing has affected the mental health of many adults and exacerbated the suffering associated with existing mental illnesses, including mood and anxiety disorders and substance abuse. Join PHI’s Dialogue4Health’s Web Forum to address the impact of COVID-19 on adult mental health, the shift to virtual appointments for patients seeking mental health services and lessons learned from providers of mental health virtual visit services. RSVP here.
  • Caring for Kids in the COVID-19 Era: Promoting Health Equity and Value (9/29/2020): As the nation responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers, community residents, and leaders from all sectors are being called upon to deal with multiple needs in their communities. The economic impacts have exacerbated and further exposed gaps in meeting basic needs, including nutrition, housing, and education, and children are among those at greatest risk from gaps that have existed for generations but are deepened by the pandemic. Join this Dialogue4Health Web Forum to explore strategies at the local, state and federal level in the context of COVID-19 to promote health equity and reduce health disparities among children and their families. Register Here.

Launch, hire and initiate contact tracing in days:

Tracing Health

Clark County, Washington was faced with one of the Northwest area’s biggest COVID-19 outbreaks at the Firestone Pacific Foods frozen fruit packing facility, which had reported 79 employees testing positive for the virus.

PHI immediately went to work on the Clark County contact notification project. By Friday June 5—just one week after receiving the contract from the County—Tracing Health had cleared more than 100 employees at Firestone to return to work. Tracing Health achieved an 85% contact rate from the Firestone cluster—a success rate which allowed Clark Country to control the outbreak’s spread and gave its 500,000 residents the ability to move to Phase II reopening.

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Our Impact

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  • 10M pieces of personal protective equipment delivered in CA and WA
  • 90% of contact tracing hires were bilingual/bi-cultural & community-based
  • 85% of contacts notified, letting Clark County open to Phase 2

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PHI launches contact tracing support initiative

Kaiser Permanente and the Public Health Institute's new initiative will build California’s clinical contact tracing infrastructure and strengthen contact tracing statewide.

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