“Centering & Celebrating Cultures in Health”: National Public Health Week with PHI

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Join PHI for the 2023 National Public Health Week (NPHW), an annual event hosted by the American Public Health Association to celebrate cultures in health, share strategies for successful partnerships and support prioritizing racial equity in community investments.

Each day this week, we’ll be sharing PHI news, resources and tools that you can use to support this year’s theme, “Centering & Celebrating Cultures in Health.”

Don’t forget to also tune in for the National Public Health Week Twitter Chat on Wednesday, April 5 at 2pm ET. We’ll chat about all things public health, celebrate everything public health has accomplished and talk about where the movement is going. Make sure you follow @PHIdotorg on Twitter and use #NPHWchat.

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Podcast: People. Power. Perspectives.

People.Power.Perspectives. is a podcast from PHI’s CA4Health which features in-depth discussions with leaders who are advancing health, justice and racial equity—helping to build agency, inclusiveness and power to drive change and create more just and equitable outcomes. Tune in for insights from partners who are expanding community- and equity-centered approaches across multiple sectors, including reproductive justice, land conservation and more.

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Videos: African women share their reproductive health stories

Young women in sub-Saharan Africa are among the most underserved populations in the world for sexual and reproductive health. PHI's CAMI Health shares first-hand stories from young women and key influencers in their communities—male partners, grandmothers, and technical experts in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda. The videos provide glimpses into the diversity of their needs and desires, and offer insights for reproductive health solutions.

Watch "Word on the Street"

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Advancing vaccine equity in Wisconsin's African American & Refugee communities

In Brown County, Wisconsin, African Americans and the Somali refugee community had some of the lowest COVID vaccination rates. Instead of just offering vaccine events, the Brown County RISE Collaborative, with funding from PHI’s Communities RISE Together, brought culturally-specific “well-being clinics” to the heart of the community—providing vaccines, safety information, meals and more. Local Somali and African American businesses were also invited to sell their goods and products.

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Centering Native American voices, traditions & cultures in health

PHI’s Center for Wellness and Nutrition (CWN) works alongside California Tribal Organizations and community partners to advance Native food sovereignty by centering Native voices, traditions and cultures. CWN prioritizes culturally appropriate programming and decolonized evaluation practices. For example, CNW convenes the CalFresh Healthy Living Tribal Ambassador Committee to help guide nutrition education materials, healthy traditional recipes and partnerships to better serve California American Indian Alaskan Native communities

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Supporting birth equity for Black mothers and babies in LA county and beyond

Black women and birthing people disproportionately experience negative birthing experiences and outcomes compared to other racial and ethnic groups. PHI's Cherished Futures is a multisector collaborative working to reduce Black infant deaths and improve patient experience and safety for Black mothers and birthing people in LA county—elevating Black women's voices, experiences and leadership. Advancing Birth Equity: Clinic Interview Findings and the Impact of Structural Racism in Black Neighborhoods shares systems-change recommendations for philanthropists, policymakers, hospital and clinic leaders, insurance payers and community advocates.

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Partnering with farmworkers to protect communities from wildfires & other impacts of climate change

As climate change exacerbates heat and wildfire smoke, resilience efforts in farmworker communities are crucial. Farmworkers are 20 times more likely to die from heat stress than the US workforce overall. In California's Ventura County, PHI’s Achieving Resilient Communities (ARC) project and partners introduced new updates to the emergency alert system, which now includes audio messages in Mixteco and Zapoteco to notify farmworkers and field supervisors when air quality reaches unhealthy levels to wildfire smoke. The audio alert system also provides a model that can be replicated in communities across the country, to protect the health of farmworkers and others by increasing access to critical emergency response information.

Learn more about the updated audio alert system

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Webinar series: Addressing racial trauma among Asian American & Asian Immigrant communities

One way we help communities thrive is by providing care and healing that is culturally rooted. This webinar series from PHI’s Lotus Project explores the impact of Asian American & Asian Immigrant (AAAI) hate and how to better support AAAI communities. Register for the second webinar on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 at 10-11:30am PT to explore culturally sensitive, trauma-informed clinical practices and recommendations to support AAAI children, youth and families who have experienced racial discrimination, stress and trauma. You can also watch the recording of the first webinar to learn the historical contexts of AAAI hate, its connection to current events, as well as the impact of AAAI hate and racial trauma on the mental health of youth and families.

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Videos: How community-led approaches can repair the damages of structural racism

Meet practitioners working across sectors to center the voices and experiences of residents in order to improve neighborhood health, in this video series from PHI's Build Healthy Places Network. Learn how to center racial equity in community investments, explore the ways that community-led approaches allow residents to identify, co-create and have an ownership stake in the solutions, and see why shifting community power is critical to addressing and repairing the damage of structural racism and more.

Watch "Lessons from the Field: Centering Community Voice"

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Wildfires & Extreme Heat: Resources to Protect Yourself & Your Community

Communities across the U.S. and around the world are grappling with dangerous wildfires and extreme heat. These threats disrupt and uproot communities and pose serious risks to environmental and community health—from rising temperatures, unhealthy air pollutants, water contamination and more. Find PHI tools, resources and examples to help communities take action and promote climate safety, equity and resiliency.

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