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Adverse Childhood Experiences in the News: Successes and Opportunities in Coverage of Childhood Trauma

2017 | See the full brief on BMSG's website.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a critical public health issue with implications for every sector of society, but communicating about them can be challenging. In this news analysis from PHI's Berkeley Media Studies Group, we explore whether advocates have been able to successfully explain the implications of childhood trauma. 

Read the full brief.

Investigating the news about a topic can provide important clues about what information the public and policymakers are exposed to about that issue. If news coverage doesn't discuss childhood trauma, or doesn't make connections to the conditions that give rise to childhood trauma, it is less likely that policymakers and the public will see the issue as a priority or recognize it as a problem that can be prevented.

In this Issue, BMSG presents findings from their analysis of news coverage and consider the implications of news framing for advocates, community leaders, journalists—indeed, for anyone who seeks to communicate not only about the details of childhood trauma, but also how to end it.

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In this recent blog, BMSG's Sarah Han offers suggestions to help advocates more effectively communicate the issue's importance to the public and to policymakers.


Laura Nixon, Allison Rodriguez, Sarah Han, Pamela Mejia, Lori Dorfman

Produced through PHI's:

Berkeley Media Studies Group