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Finding Asthma Solutions Through Policy Change

2009 | Download

Asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease in the U.S. and affects 1 in 6 children in California. While scientists continue to explore what causes asthma, it is clear that some environmental factors, such as environmental tobacco smoke and ozone, play a role in the onset of asthma in otherwise healthy people.

Additionally, we know that a number of environmental factors, including mold, animal hair, diesel pollution, and dust mites, can trigger asthma attacks in children who already have asthma, leading to preventable emergencyroom visits, hospitalizations, and even death.

Community Action to Fight Asthma (CAFA) is a network of asthma coalitions in California shaping local, regional, and state policies to reduce the environmental triggers of asthma for school-aged children where they live, learn, and play. The CAFA Network mobilizes asthma advocates from across California, reaching the rural areas of the Central Valley, the urban areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and many areas in between, with a focus on advancing policies that can systematically reduce exposure to these harmful environmental factors.

Created by PHI's Regional Asthma Management and Prevention program, this fact sheet helps to make the case for policy change to prevent asthma, by looking at CAFA's efforts to advance policies to prevent and reduce asthma. The resource also includes an exploration fo the CAFA framework for policy action in schools, homes and outdoor air.

Download the fact sheet.