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Market Match: SNAPing Up Benefits for Farmers & Shoppers

2014 | Read the report.

Maximizing CalFresh Usage at Farmers Markets Through Incentives

PHI's Roots of Change (ROC) conceived the California Market Match Consortium (CMMC) to exemplify a central tenet of its theory of change: Actions to improve the food system should seek to solve multiple problems to create transformative synergy. The CMMC was designed to fulfill three goals to increase the promotion and marketing of specialty crops through California certifi ed farmers markets, farm stands and community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms:

  1. to expand the income of small and medium-sized fruit and vegetable growers;
  2. to increase access to fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables by a consumer base that uses food assistance programs, specifically reaching the underserved communities that suffer disproportionately from nutrition-related diseases; and
  3. to demonstrate the power and effi cacy of coordinated statewide action by a team of motivated community-based organizations.

Read the report.

ROC’s approach has worked. CMMC has aided more than 840 specialty crop farmers and 37,000 federal benefit customers. By linking organizational partners in 16 California counties, it has rewired communities around a farmers market core. The consortium is ROC’s most robust example of how broad-based NGO collaboration can have measurable impact on the entire state and influence the nation. The return on investment (ROI) revealed in this report demonstrates the power of match-incentive funds in attracting additional low-income customers to farmers markets. market match has become a key tool, notable for its measurability.



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