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"No one left out or left behind." PHI statement welcoming CA Governor Gavin Newsom

January 14, 2019



PHI welcomes California Governor Gavin Newsom to his new role leading the golden state, and along his continued path to keep every person who lives here happy, healthy and strong.


We support the bold vision Governor Newsom laid out, in particular his recognition of the critical importance of health and public health infrastructure for the state—and his determination that no one in California will be left out or left behind. 


California has the fifth largest economy in the world. In an era where many across the United States are uncertain whether their own healthcare coverage will be adequate or affordable, Newsom ensures California will continue to lead by protecting the Affordable Care Act in the state, and moving to expand coverage here for those who are undocumented. The Public Health Institute supports this bold agenda and we urge the Governor and Legislature to go further in building a strong, resilient and healthy California through the establishment of a California Wellness Trust, which will work at the state and local level to promote health equity and drive innovation and investment in upstream community prevention. By investing in the health and power of our most vulnerable communities, we will keep California healthier.


We welcome Governor Newsom’s executive order establishing the position of California Surgeon General. Reporting directly to the Governor and with a focus on addressing the social determinants of health, the Surgeon General will play an important role in advancing the public health agenda. 


We support his urgent call for solutions to address climate change, which is perhaps the most critical threat to health we face. PHI joins leading health organizations throughout the state in endorsing the California Call for Action on Climate, Health and Equity and urge that the Newsom Administration implement the priority actions urgently needed to move toward our vision of healthy people in healthy places on a healthy planet. We also recommend that the administration build on findings from the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative to determine how we can best generate value from the healthcare system while supporting community health and well-being.  


California has the resources, the leadership, the innovation and the determination to lead the world in prosperity, in health, and in justice. We wish Governor Newsom the resolve and courage to implement his vision, and we offer a hand in partnership to help carry it out.


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