Getting it Right from the Start: Regulation of Recreational Marijuana

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Getting it Right from the Start, a program of policy advocacy, research and technical assistance, promotes marijuana law and regulation which better protects public health and equity. We work with community stakeholders, cities, counties & states to promote better policy choices. To learn more or for technical assistance, visit our website.

Our Impact

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  • 539 California cities and counties, every jurisdiction in the state, assessed on their local cannabis regulations
  • 100+ jurisdictions using at least one best practice developed by Getting it Right From the Start
  • 4 innovative bans on flavored cannabis, vapes or "cannpops"


Active Projects

Maternal Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

This five year project, which is part of a larger NIH supported research project lead by Kaiser Permanente Research Institute, examines the relationship between local regulation of marijuana in Northern California cities and counties, use during pregnancy and perinatal outcomes. It builds on our pilot research on California's local marijuana laws.

Completed Projects

Getting it Right from the Start

We works to collaboratively develop and test models of marijuana regulatory policy with the goal of reducing harms, youth and problem use, based on scientific evidence and guided by the principles of public health, social equity and safety. This includes: developing principles for state regulation and model local ordinances; providing technical assistance carrying out research; operating a listserv, webinars and other tools;; and providing public health input to regulatory processes

Local Cannabis Regulation: What have we learned from tobacco?

This is a pilot study of local law on cannabis in California’s 58 counties and 482 cities in 2018-2019. It examines how cannabis is regulated in areas including: smoke-free air, allowable density of retailers, equity for low income residents, product types and potency, flavors, marketing, warnings, health claims, discounting, taxation design, and use of tax revenue. Results will be used to inform policymakers and engage communities to protect health.

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