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The Public Health Institute is dedicated to lifting up public health best practices, while actively cultivating an engaged community of public health experts who are working across all fields to improve health and equity outcomes in communities across the world. 

Through our Dialogue4Health (D4H) initiative, PHI hosts and manages an online learning community that conceives, builds, and shares strategies to improve the public’s health. We partner with local, national and global organizations to host Web Forums, helping grow the reach and efficacy of dissemination efforts, and sharing critical resources with public health practitioners.

Our expertise includes: 

Get your resources into the right hands: Work with us to design and manage a tailored Web Forum that lifts up your experts, shares public health successes, and explores critical lessons-learned. Share new briefs, reports, and case studies with our growing online community of public health practitioners and advocates.

Develop online learning curricula: Our experts bring years of best practice in developing learning modules and Web Forum curricula, and are available to help you create a targeted, impactful experience for your Web Forum participants. 

Explore cutting edge public health issues: Use our Web Forum capacity to create a discussion-based learning session that engages with hundreds of public health experts to cull best practices, lessons-learned, and insights from the field. 

Promote your materials: Using our D4H online community platform, social media tools, and blog, we can promote your new and existing resources and assets.

Technical support and assistance: Our experts are available to handle all the behind-the-scenes logistics and technical support to ensure that your Web Forum runs smoothly.


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  • 800 food retailers have partnered with PHI to reach low-income families
  • 1M people with healthier beverage options
  • 450K materials on ADA distributed each year

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