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Importance of Alcohol-Programming Outreach to Women of Color

2014 | Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research

Very few national studies have examined racial and ethnic disparities in utilization of alcohol services. Little is known about whether racial and ethnic disparities in who seeks treatment for drinking problems carry across to gender, or why. A new study from the Alcohol Research Group changes that.

It shows that ethnic minorities and non-English speakers have more difficulty accessing the health care services they need to address problematic drinking, and female Black and Latina drinkers are at a particular disadvantage. This new study offers important insights for alcohol treatment and health equity.

Read an overview of the Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research article in Eureka Alerts or visit the journal website.


Ryan D. Murphy, Nina Mulia, Paul A. Gilbert, Priscilla Martinez, Jason Bond, Douglas L. Polcin, Sarah Zemore

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Alcohol Research Group