Podcast: PHI’s Faces for the Future on How Investing in Youth Can Transform the Healthcare System

FACES Co-Founder and Director Dr. Tomás Magaña, along with alumnae Vanessa and Veronica, join the HHREC podcast to discuss how the program impacted their careers, aspirations and futures. The Faces program supports young people from low-income communities and communities of color to have the support, skills and confidence necessary to pursue careers in public health, medicine and related fields.

Since completing the program, Vanessa and Veronica have both gone on to become leaders in the field, now working at community health organizations as health equity experts and advocates. Their stories demonstrate how FACES is building long-term a pathway that helps to remedy the lack of diversity in health care professions, address health disparities and provide support, encouragement and connections for participants to launch sustaining, rewarding health and medical careers.

Watch the full episode, below:

Screenshot - Vanessa, FACES alum
I remember all the folks I shadowed at each of my externships. I remember them being people of color in the hospital, and I always thought that was so cool because I hadn't seen it before. To be able to have those mentors and safe spaces, to see someone who looks like you and can express a shared lived experience was very important. Vanessa

FACES alum

Veronica, FACES alum
The good thing about learning those [mental health] skills [as part of the FACES program] is that we can bring it to the young people that we serve at our clinics right now. Veronica

FACES alum

FACES works in partnership with schools, healthcare systems, local organizations and communities across the country by incorporating best practices in youth development, stakeholder engagement and workforce development strategies. FACES Co-Founder and Director Dr. Tomás A. Magaña also discusses the program’s approach to providing a cohesive system of support for youth to ensure highly qualified, multi-lingual and multi-cultural health care professionals who are able to meet the growing demand of the workforce.

Tomás A.  Magaña
Through a comprehensive investment in young people, we can ultimately transform healthcare, and the way it is practiced—both by diversifying the workforce so that it better reflects the communities we serve, but also by bringing the skills, the talents, the power, the agency of our young people. Dr. Tomás A. Magaña

FACES Co-Founder and Director

Originally published by The HHREC Podcast

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