Meaningful Medicine Podcast: PHI’s Dr. Tomás Magaña on Pipeline Programs in Medicine

In this episode of Meaningful Medicine, PHI’s Dr. Tomás Magaña discusses the history and impacts of PHI’s FACES for the Future Coalition, which helps to prepare high school students for entry into the health professions through a unique pipeline program using best practices in youth development, stakeholder engagement and workforce development strategies.

Tomas Magana with FACES students

In this episode of Meaningful Medicine, hosts Shieva and Nicole speak with PHI’s Dr. Tomás Magaña, an adolescent medicine doctor and co-founder of PHI’s FACES for the Future Coalition.

FACES supports young people from low-income communities and communities of color to have the confidence, skills and support necessary to pursue careers in public health, medicine and related fields. Since launching in 2000, FACES has served over 1,800 students across California and expanded nationally to Colorado, Michigan and New Mexico. 100% of FACES participants graduate from high school, and over 90% continue directly to a post-secondary pathway. In recent years, FACES has also pivoted to train youth participants in how to stop and prevent overdoses, and act as COVID vaccine ambassadors for their peers, families and communities.

Dr. Magaña discussed how he and his co-founder were inspired to create FACES and described the program’s comprehensive approach, as well as crucial themes like code-switching and resilience. Through compelling anecdotes and insights, he vividly demonstrates the profound impact pipeline programs wield, not just in shaping the career trajectories of young people but also in fortifying their overall health and safety. Dr. Magaña’s narrative underscores the incredible power and importance of pipeline programs for URM students and highlights the continued need for resources and support for these programs.

Tomás A.  Magaña
There’s no medication that I can prescribe to change the outcome for that young person… but what I can do as a medical provider is provide enrichment opportunities and bring collaborators and other stakeholders on board to work with me to change health outcomes and academic outcomes for the kids. Dr. Tomás Magaña

Adolescent medicine doctor and co-founder of PHI’s FACES for the Future Coalition

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