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Progressing the Sustainable Development Goals through Health in All Policies: Case studies from around the world

2017 | Download the book.

Although policy-makers are increasingly aware of the need to work across sectors, change is not easy. Understanding and addressing the underlying determinants of health is difficult because they are complex and dynamic.

Developing systems with a systematic, sustained approach to health determinants, as required in the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach, is challenging. Despite challenges, there are examples of HiAP globally and more countries and regions are looking at embarking on this path. While there is no single or simple model for HiAP, there is a growing evidence base of facilitating conditions for HiAP. 

Download the book and see chapter four (written by PHI's Julia Caplan, Linda Rudolph, and staff) to learn about the history, evolution, and accomplishments of the California HiAP Task Force.

The case study book documents experiences, capturing important elements of HiAP practice through an analysis of established and emerging models. The book is aimed at the international health community and the broader sustainable development network. It will be of interest to those who want to know more about implementing HiAP.

This book was published by the WHO and the Government of South Australia.


Chapter four was authored by: Julia Caplan, Karen Ben-Moshe, Lianne Dillon, Solange Gould, Meredith Lee, Kelsey Lyles, Dahir Nasser and Linda Rudolph
PHI PI/PDs include:, Linda Rudolph, Julia Caplan

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