Global Health Pathways: Webinar Series (Recordings)

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Interested in being part of combating a disease such as the Zika virus or even Ebola? Want to be part of reducing health disparities around the world? If yes, the field of Global Health is for you!

Hosted by PHI’s FACES for the Future Coalition and Global Health Fellows Program II, the Global Health Pathways webinar series will show you the way into the Global Health field. The webinars are for people of all ages—whether you’re in high school, college or beyond—because it’s never too early or late to get involved.

We connect you with current global health professionals, provide you with a list of skills and knowledge you’ll need to get into the field, and hopefully inspire you to get out there and join the global health workforce and make a difference.

This series is composed of three webinars:

  1. Your Toolkit: In this first webinar, we discuss what skills/capabilities it takes to become a successful global health worker. You will also hear how those skills are applied in the field.
  2. Your Stepping Stones: This webinar introduces education and practical overseas experience necessary to be a competitive candidate in the global health field.
  3. Your Options: In the final webinar, we have a career panel of global health professionals speaking on their career path as well as their reason for joining global health.

This series had a diverse audience of about 180 participants, all across California and a handful of states on the East Coast. Most participants gave positive feedback saying that these webinars were helpful whether it was through story-telling or informative tips from employers in the global health field.

“Hearing personal experiences really help[ed] and [made] me consider global health”

“I feel that this [webinar] explained the obstacles that many people would face while entering global health and it also includes how to address them.”

“The professionals really hit on different paths that we can take and opportunities that we can seek in high school and college.”

These webinars are pre-recorded! Watch them below in order, including teasers for each one.


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