Transformative public health practice begins with leadership, expertise and compelling ideas—but it needs so much more to succeed.
Independent researchers, emerging leaders and small programs often lack the capacity to sustain their work, to compete for funding, or to propel an innovative idea to large-scale impact.

Led by an experienced and dynamic central management team, the Public Health Institute provides infrastructure, coordination and support to some of the best and most creative thinkers in the field of public health.

At PHI programs find development and proposal support, sophisticated grants and contracts professionals, an HR team fully equipped to meet HR standards around the globe, and a seasoned legal office to protect them.

At PHI they pursue their passion—with the security and support to take creative, calculated and strategic risks that they could not take alone.

PHI’s curated portfolio focuses on the ideas, programs and individuals positioned to transform health. At PHI, researchers and practitioners are part of an extended community of colleagues that share ideas, exchange best practices and develop partnerships.

Together, we create a nexus of expertise, skills, strategy and connections that build towards a collective impact greater than the individual work alone.


PHI offers:

  • Resource development and planning
  • High level partnership coordination
  • Grant and contract management
  • Human resources administration
  • Financial and accounting services


To learn more about becoming a PHI Principal Investigator or Program Director and hosting your innovative public health project at PHI, send us an email